Our Mission

  • As Christians and Jews, we work to build relationships toward a just peace in Israel/Palestine.
  • We reach out to all faith-based communities to educate and engage.
  • We challenge and encourage each other to explore the range of possible actions to foster justice and peace for all people of historic Palestine.
  • We ground this work in our common religious tradition that inspires ethical living, respects human dignity, and guides us to speak out against the injustices we see in the world.
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A Brief History

Christian-Jewish Allies grew out of local participation in the Tree of Life Conference in Philadelphia in November 2009. The founding of CJAllies reflects our shared sense of urgency as Jews and as Christians to strategically work together toward justice and peace in the Holy Land. Our members identify as Baptist, Catholic, Episcopalian, Jewish, Quaker, Lutheran, Mennonite, Presbyterian, United Methodist, United Church of Christ, Orthodox, Sufi, and non-denominational.

Since our founding, our interfaith teams have presented at numerous workshops and denominational gatherings, and we have taught Steadfast Hope adult education courses at several regional churches. We have sponsored film screenings and hosted a variety of visiting speakers. CJAllies has formed important relationships with local and national organizations, and we are regularly invited to plan and present programs in church communities throughout the Delaware Valley.

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