Ahed Tamimi – updated

The piece is from Truthdig. Why IS Israel so frightened of a 16-year old woman? The piece explores that question. One problem is that she appears to be a white person. As she’s not dark-skinned, she’s a bit more difficult to demonize. Israel clearly considers her a security threat. as “She has been held in cold isolation cells with cameras pointed at her 24 hours a day. ” The #MeToo movement might consider sponsoring Tamimi.

Ahed Tamimi, 16, was arrested last month during overnight raid on her home in occupied West Bank village of Nabi Saleh [Ammar Awad/Reuters]

Update: “An Israeli court has ruled to keep a prominent Palestinian teen activist and her mother in custody until the end of their trial.”

Palestinian Ahed Tamimi to remain in jail during trial

Charges include “incitement” and “stone-throwing.” Next court appearance is January 31.

From Ahed Tamimi’s father Basem Tamimi: My 16-year-old daughter was dragged out of her bed in the dead of night and arrested. Even though she is just a child, the military refused to release her. She could spend years in jail. I have dedicated my life to civil resistance in Palestine. That’s why the Israeli army is holding my baby — they want to crush my spirit. All I want is to hold my daughter again. With one click, please join my appeal to get her out: Add My Name

PS — The Avaaz team has prepared this fact sheet with more information about Israel’s treatment of Palestinian children.

Update 17Feb2018 – Comedian Sarah Silverman says:  “Jews have to stand up EVEN when — ESPECIALLY when — the wrongdoing is BY Jews/the Israeli government.” …she shared a link to Amnesty International’s campaign calling on Israel to free Tamimi.”

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